Coventry Arts Consortium At The Herbert Art Gallery

Volunteers are also needed at the opening which is on Friday 17th January, perhaps on a rota system to 'man' the drinks table.  The Lord Mayor will be there for the opening.

SELECTION DAY:  SATURDAY 11th JANUARY.  - Volunteers required to help carry pictures to Selection.  Jacqui Smithson, our exhibitions secretary is to take part in the selection panel. 

If anyone finds getting in to the Herbert to hand in their work difficult on Saturday 11th January contact Sheila Karran (02476 674877 sheila.karran@gmail.com) as she may be able to help.  Also a reminder that any consortium questions / queries should be sent to Maureen Townsend as she is heading the organisation on this one (01926 428273 daveat6@tiscali.co.uk)