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Membership Renewal 2022

We hope you have enjoyed your membership of the CWSA during 2021 and that you would like to continue with us during 2022.
New changes to restrictions along with many Zoom workshops or demonstrations have meant we have been able to organise a hopefully interesting programme for you all.  The good news is that we will be carrying over the lower renewal membership fee of £15 for 2022 too. All members will need to pay by BAC’s online if possible, if not, then you will need to send a cheque by post to Uthaya. Details below.
Most membership Subscriptions are due by 31st March 2021 via internet banking using the following information or cheque made payable to CWSA and send to:- Uthaya Swoboda, 6 Blackthorn Close, Coventry CV4 7DQ
Lloyds Bank Sort Code 30 99 15    CWSA a/c no  01599148
Please ensure you include your name in the reference block and I would appreciate an email to say you have paid on .
Please be sure to advise us when you change your email address.