CWSA Annual Exhibition - 2015

As you may have heard, Gallery 150 will be closing on February 27th.   Apparently they were only given notice a few days ago.  They are looking for a premises, but currently do not have anything ready or suitable. They have had 4 years in Livery Street and in that time have put on scores of unique exhibitions and several for the CWSA, helping create a buzz in the area.  Now it’s all changed and they need to find suitable new premises. If you think you can help please contact Kate at manager@gallery150.co.uk.

Obviously this was a shock to everyone and as all bookings have been suspended our Annual Exhibition is now in jeopardy.  Nancy Upshall also had an exhibition booked for May so we all hope that a new venue can be found quickly.  We will keep you all informed as and when we have further information.