Exhibition at St John's

Open during the Heritage weekends between Friday 10th - 19th September 2021.  Corporation Stree, Coventry.
Submission day: Thursday afternoon 9th September.  Collection day: Tuesday afternoon 21st September.

This is a beautiful medieval church and the saying 'Sent to Coventry' is derived from sending prisoners to this church. They normally get about 700 visitors to the Church during Heritage weekends and they are happy for us to exhibit at the same time. The exhibition will be open during the Heritage weekends between Friday 10th - 19th September 2021.

Below, are brief details . If you would like to take part, please contact me: Email: susan.k.moore@btinternet.com  and I will forward you a submission form.

As this is not a 'gallery' and there is no suitable wall to hang works, we will need to improvise to display our pictures. Attached and below, are some photographs of the interior.

We can exhibit all the way down the right-hand side of the church. We think the best way to do this would be to rearrange the chairs so they are 'sideways', and display one painting per chair. We can also use the window space, and the top of the oak chest. In addition, artists who have a suitable (sturdy) display easel, or table top easel, can bring these in to display their works.
The exhibition will be stewarded by Church volunteers. If you would also like to 'steward' the exhibition, or help on the 'day', please let me know. Paintings will be on sale, and when sold, can be taken away by the purchaser on the day.

This will be a 'selected' exhibition and all work should be to a high standard.

Susan Moore Chairman: CWSA Tel 01676 541866 // 07745 144 922