Stone Carving Workshop by Cliff Vince

A Sculpting Workshop on Saturday 3rd November
Cliff Vince, a CWSA committee member, is a sculptor who has worked in stone for many years.
Cliff will not be not sticking to a formal pre designed piece.  He says
This stone is different, it has a lot of very subtle internal markings, you have to look at the stone then see what designs work.  Every piece of stone will be different, then it’s up to the artist to see what works for them”. 

This Workshop will show you how to sculpt using quality white Alabaster.  There will be a selection of designs for you to choose from or you can design your own.  Cliff will go through the process of using a plasticine Maquette to formulate a design, through to cutting the stone and finishing off.  A base of black Basalt will be provided so everyone will take home a finished sculpture.  The Alabaster will be pre-prepared so minimal working is required, it is soft stone so it is very easy to work with - no hammer or chisels required!  The tools provided will make easy work of shaping the stone.
What’s provided; Stone for sculpting, stone for the base, all tools, sandpaper, dust mask, gloves, tea, coffee and biscuits. You will need to bring. Pencil, paper, apron, and lunch  
We are very much looking forward to what emerges from this workshop!  Your form is here and needs to be sent back by 1st November Cliff Invite