The Mead Gallerys Workplace Exhibition

WORKPLACE – Open Mon-Sat 12-9pm

The Mead Gallery’s Workplace exhibition is now under way.  Featuring video installations from international artists, Workplace explores how the universal experience of a global workforce can cut across social, political and geographical boundaries, and shows the struggles faced, and the often humorous methods employed for survival.  Mead Gallery Curator Fiona Venables will be leading Office Tours on various dates throughout the exhibition’s run – find out more about the thinking behind this unique installation.


The Mead Gallery will also be hosting a site-specific piece of theatre on Sat 2 Feb, where Odd Comic will be performing their Edinburgh hit Would Be Nice Though…, described as “The Office directed by Jean Paul Sartre.“  Come and experience this piece of immersive theatre in exciting new surroundings.

 On Tue 12 Feb, graphic artist Al Davison will be hosting a drawing workshop, introducing a variety of technical drawing exercises designed to improve hand to eye coordination and tap into your imagination. Then, on Wed 13 Feb, he will be introducing the challenges and rewards of figure drawing to the group.

One of the artists featured in the Workplace exhibition, Wolverhampton-born Paul Harrison will be giving an illustrated talk about his work with fellow artist John Harrison.  A fantastic opportunity to hear more from the local artist with an international reputation.  To find out more about this season’s events, visit the Mead Galley website. http://www.meadgallery.co.uk/