Edith Whatling


Born in Malta and now living in Coventry, Edith Whatling was an Art Special at Teacher Training College, Malta, exploring Drawing, Painting in Watercolours, Plant drawing and Collage

Since childhood, Edith always loved drawing and painting, filling scrap books with all sorts of pictures and drawings. Though Art was her chosen special subject both at school and at College, Edith considers herself as self-taught as she developed her artistic portfolio over the years.

After a spell of putting her art on the back burner, Edith returned to it with gusto. She joined several Art groups, as she discovered the joy of acrylics, improved her watercolours and pastels and learnt how to paint in oils and wool-felting. No subject is left untouched. She enjoys portrait painting which she practises on Mondays at the Herbert group event there, landscapes and still life, has dabbled in pastels and enjoyed the freedom of abstracts.

Edith’s paintings reflect her Maltese earlier background as well as the influence of her life as an adult getting older in The UK. She loves the vibrant and sometimes stark colours of the Mediterranean summer landscape, but she also enjoys the muted and softer British hues. She even experiments with different painting tools, one of which is using a cut plastic card rather than brushes.

Edith has taken part in several group exhibitions usually organised by the Art Groups where she is a member and sold work both in Malta and in the UK. Her solo exhibition at East Lodge in April 2018 is her first Solo Exhibition.