Jack Kirk



I was a late starter in the creation of physical art attending a night school in 2000 and emerging with 6 lumps of fired clay. Visitors to the house used to ask who had produced them before falling about laughing. The threat of no food though brought oodles of compliments.

I love to look at a pile of scrap metal and identify pieces that have the potential to be turned into unusual works of art. It's very satisfying when, at some stage in the future, a sculpture or ornament emerges. I am thrilled when people approach my stand at an exhibition, pick up a piece and say "That's unusual". By experimenting and combining varied activities and diverse materials I try not to make my pieces "run of the mill".

So what products do I produce? Commissions or anything that I like such as indoor ornaments or outdoor garden sculptures. I work predominantly in steel for garden sculptures and copper for ornamental pieces but I delight in adding glass, wood, pewter and many other materials which add depth, colour and texture to the design.

I have completed  many commissions including several 5/7 foot high garden sculptures for clients in Birmingham, Grandborough, Kilsby, Rugby, Leamington and Edinburgh. I have been invited to exhibit my work at the Rugby Open Competition, the Coventry Open Competition, Kingham Lodge Oxfordshire and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Exhibition and sold pieces at or after the shows. In October 2005 I won the awards for "Best Exhibition Piece" and "Best Newcomer" at an exhibition organised by the BT and Royal Mail Art Club of Great Britain in London.

Every year I exhibit as part of the New Perspectives Group and for the past 6 years we have held extremely successful exhibitions around the Rugby area bringing in an average of 250 people over each weekend.

Contact Jack Kirk 07561454963, jackkirk2004@yahoo.co.uk for any further information.