Julie Swinsco


Julie originates from the northeast of England, and after achieving her degree in Fine Art at Central, St Martin’s in London, came to settle in Warwickshire.

The depiction of movement and energy is a constant theme within her artwork, although the subject matter and media used often vary. Julie is a painter, printmaker, and photographer, and like most artists, uses whatever media is best suited to reveal her vision and express her voice. 

The portrayal of the female figure is a recurring theme: how they interact with their environment, whether jumping in the sea or dancing. She may depict this more realistically, using oils or acrylic, or use homemade brushes and inks in a looser, more abstract manner to render the sensuous and liberating movements of a figure.

As a photographer, Julie likes to work with the female figure and projection, layering onto the figure images and text whilst getting the model to react to this situation with evocative body language. These shots are often starting points for more abstract artwork, again capturing the dynamism of the figure. She often uses texture and layers to interpret the atmosphere and mood.

Whatever her subject matter, Julie is focused on capturing the essence of the pose, the emotion of the situation, and the finer qualities of light. Her images begin as a drawing from life or her photographs, which are often then abstracted, using various media, including Photoshop, watercolours, acrylics, oils, mixed media, mono printing, etchings and lino. Most of her work retains some detail but also a recognition of the media used, and she allows the paint to drip, interact and become part of the composition.

To view more of her artwork, please visit  www.julieswinsco.com