Kate Purcell

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Kate Purcell was born in the north-east of Scotland and went to Grays School of Art from 1964-1967, studying drawing and painting, design and sculpture for the first two years, then specialising in woven textiles and jewellery design in her third year. However, after that, she went to work in ‘Swinging London’ for the summer vacation and had such a good time that (ahem) she did not return to Aberdeen for her 4th and final year. She subsequently did a degree in Sociology at London University between 1971-74 and went on to develop an academic career.  

However, she began painting again at an evening class run by Lindsay Attwood around 2011, and realised how very much she had missed painting, drawing and making art. Now (almost fully...) retired, she has renewed her career as an art student, painting in acrylics, attending Neil Moore’s life drawing class and joining the Coventry Weavers’ House Workshop.  Her work, mainly inspired by shapes and patterns in landscape, has been selected for successive CWSA and Consortium exhibitions in Coventry and in Leamington Spa, and one of her paintings was ‘Commended’ at the 2018 Consortium Exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery.   

She has sold several paintings and giclée prints of paintings, and has produced cards for sale from several of the most popular images.  She can be contacted on katepurcell48@gmail.com