Maciej Platwa


I began my journey with amateur drawing 4 years ago, joined a tattoo studio team to gain some experience in body art, then turned my attention to illustrations and experiments with paintings on canvas, watercolours & acrylics. I love to try new mediums and techniques as I believe this will help my skills evolve and will make my style develop as something unique, telling a story.

I do not believe that you need to be born with a gift to make amazing art – everyone can do it, only time and a lot of practice can make you better. The only thing which would limit you is your imagination. Basing my life on the above sentence I spend most of my free time trying to improve my artwork and feed the imagination.

My favourite artistic movements are Surrealism and Abstractionism. They inspired me to create the ‘Outer World’ – a place for all the creatures, plants, beings and everything I have designed. All pieces are connected, all of them have their purpose.

If you wish to support me or are interested in my art, I would be more than happy to respond to the emails and DMs.